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Buying and selling real estate can be a monumental task. Finding the best property in the best location, whether as a client or as an agent, can take a lot of time, adding stress to an already stressful situation. That’s why we at Action 1 Construction offer real estate services to help connect people with quality properties that will help make your real estate dreams come true. The main way we’re able to offer such a wide variety of properties is by working with a variety of sources to select properties that appeal to all tastes. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a piece of land, a house you can flip, or the home of your dreams, we’ve got you covered. We work with a multitude of real estate agents around the area. We choose only the highest-rated agents to provide you with a top-notch buying or selling journey.

Who We Work With

As mentioned, at Action 1 Construction, we work with a variety of different real estate professionals to track down the best properties. We can also recommend professionals to help make your real estate experience smooth and enjoyable. Our partner agents have years of experience to help you navigate the ins and outs of finding the perfect property. Their knowledge will also help you as you seek to assign a price or submit an offer that will attract attention while still putting you in the best financial position.


Buy and Sell Fixer Uppers


At Action 1 Construction, we have a good working knowledge of the real estate industry in the area. This knowledge has allowed us to buy homes that we then re-sell to our valued customers. In many cases, these homes are what would be considered fixer-uppers. In other words, these homes are a little rough around the edges but still have a solid core that makes them worthy of some attention.

To help maximize your budget, we offer fixer-uppers in various states of renovation. If you’re looking for something you can put your own stamp on, we offer a selection of properties that have only minimal work done on them.

If you’re looking to spend a little more money and do a little less work, we’ve got properties that fit that bill, as well. Fortunately, as a home services company, you can be sure that each of the properties you find through Action 1 Construction has been thoroughly inspected and renovated to exacting standards.

We can also alert you to other properties that may soon be coming on the market. Since we’re in so many homes through our other services, we are often the first to know when a property is getting ready to hit the market.

Of course, if you’re looking to sell your fixer-upper, we can take care of you there, as well. We are happy to purchase homes in just about any condition so that we can show them some love and then re-sell them. If you need to sell your home quickly and for a fair price, we at Action 1 Construction stand ready to extend an offer.

Buy and Sell Land


If you’re looking to buy or sell a piece of land, we at Action 1 Construction can lend a hand there as well. We are always looking for prime pieces of real estate to offer to one of our real estate partners or to build on ourselves.

This constant search has given us an extensive inventory of various parcels of land to choose from. If you’re ready to purchase the perfect piece of land for your new home, we encourage you to take a look at what’s available through Action 1 Construction. Our extensive offerings allow us to offer affordable prices, leaving you with plenty of money left over to build your new home.

When it comes to buying land, we do all we can to give you the highest offer possible. We will thoroughly inspect the parcel of land you want to sell to ensure we understand just what it’s worth. We will work with you to settle on a fair price to ensure everyone ends up a winner.

Real Estate Brokers


By partnering with multiple real estate brokers, we have access to virtually every property in the area. This close relationship with brokers allows customers of Action 1 Construction to receive the best prices for their real estate purchases. Additionally, our broker partners can advise our customers when a property is a good buy or when it might be too good to be true.

Property Managers


Our close relationship with area property managers gives our customers the first choice of multiple rental properties throughout the region.

This ensures that you can find a property that has the amenities and the location that you need and want. And you can be confident that you won’t get stuck in an apartment, condo, or rental house that you’ll regret.

With so many properties to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits right within your budget.

Give us a call today, we look forward to helping you!

House Flipping


House flipping is the process of buying a home that has seen better days and replacing most or all of the interior to totally transform the look of the house. If you’re in the market for a turn-key home, then a flipped home is a great option. Since flipped homes tend to be more affordable than new homes, while still having that newhome look, these properties are a great compromise choice.

The key to working with flipped homes is knowing when they hit the market. Since these homes are so easy to move into, they are typically in high demand when they do come up for sale. Therefore, if you don’t put in an offer quickly, you could find yourself missing out on what would have been your dream home. Fortunately, at Action 1 Construction, we work with local house flippers so our customers can know exactly when they need to be ready to make an offer.

Why use

Action 1 Construction

You may wonder why you would choose to partner with a home repair and remodeling company for your real estate needs. The truth is, this is a wise approach, given our ability to understand the inner-workings of homes that pass through our hands.

After all, you don’t want to purchase a home only to find out later that it has a lot of expensive problems that need to be repaired. When you partner with Action 1 Construction, though, you can be sure that we have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose any potential problems and then repair those problems with skill and integrity.

Overall, this provides a better home value, whether you’re buying or selling. If you’re buying, you know that you’re getting a quality product that will last you for many years. If you’re selling, you can be sure that we have the knowledge to appreciate what we’re buying, ensuring that you get a fair offer.

No matter where you are in the real estate process, we at Action 1 Construction would encourage you to contact us so we can assist you along the way. Give us a call today.

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