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Get the Money You’re Due with a Public Insurance Adjuster from Action 1 Construction
If you’re dealing with an insurance claim related to your home, you may think the only option is to call your insurance company and let their employees take it from there. While this is an acceptable response, it may not be the best response in every situation.

In many situations, hiring a public insurance adjuster from Action 1 Construction may help you achieve the most favorable outcome for you. If you are unfamiliar with public insurance adjusters, keep reading to learn why it may make sense to hire one.

What is a Public Adjuster?


Most people are familiar with what an insurance adjuster does. If you’re not, though, what they essentially do is assemble all the details of a claim to determine the proper payout to the policyholder, based on the coverage that was in place at the time of the incident. While this is the responsibility of all insurance adjusters, there are different types of adjusters within this broader umbrella.

Some insurance adjusters are employees of insurance companies. These adjusters are typically who you work with when you file an insurance claim. Though they will work hard to understand the details of your situation, they are ultimately working to protect the financial interest of their company. In some cases, this could cause problems that we will discuss later.

Another group of adjusters are essentially free-agents, to borrow a term from professional sports. These agents can be hired by anyone but are typically hired by insurance companies when the scope of a covered event goes beyond the company’s ability, or willingness, to handle. For example, if a large group of people are covered by one insurance company, and they all live in a city that’s hit by a hurricane, the insurance adjusters at the insurance company may not be able to provide adequate coverage. That’s when these independent adjusters are brought on board.

The third type of insurance adjusters are public adjusters. These adjusters are hired by the policyholder to ensure that the insurance company is serving the policyholder’s best interest. In other words, these adjusters work exclusively for the policyholder and work entirely independently of any investigation that the insurance company carries out.

Why Hire a Public Adjuster?


As you might sense from the descriptions of the different types of insurance adjusters, a public adjuster can provide benefits if you’re involved in a complicated insurance claim.

One reason you may choose to use a public adjuster is if you feel your insurance company isn’t taking your claim seriously. If you feel that your claim isn’t moving fast enough or that the facts in the claim are being misrepresented, then you can hire a public adjuster from Action 1 Construction to make a strong case on your behalf.

The need for an accurate claim is especially prevalent in cases where a large loss is involved. If you are looking at having to rebuild a significant portion of your home, for example, you want to be sure you receive as much money as possible to account for any potential cost overruns. A public adjuster can help capture the full extent of your loss to help provide the extra cash that will keep you financially secure.

Also, if you’re dealing with a complicated commercial claim, hiring a public adjuster can help you because it takes the burden of filing and following-up with the claim off of you, and places it on your hired adjuster.

In cases of complicated insurance law, this can be especially freeing, since you won’t have to understand any of what your policy says as long as you have a trusted public adjuster on your side. This allows you to focus on running your business or home as well as you can until you receive the funds to rebuild.

How can an experienced, licensed public adjuster help you?

The main advantages of hiring a public insurance adjuster are larger settlements and fewer complications. Dealing with insurance companies, as you probably know, can be quite complicated. Having someone there to ensure you meet the necessary deadlines, file the appropriate paperwork, and document the crucial evidence can make all the difference for the success of your claim.

Plus, an insurance claim usually results from some type of major loss. If that’s true of your claim, there’s no reason to be dealing with the stress of the loss while dealing with the stress of the insurance company when you can simply hire a public adjuster to take care of everything for you. If you want the maximum payout for minimum effort, then hiring a public adjuster is the best way to go.


Why choose

Action 1 Construction Public Adjusting Services?

At Action 1 Construction, we believe in following an interdisciplinary approach to each of our services to strengthen what we can offer to our customers. When it comes to our public adjusting services, you can be sure that your claim will be strong because we have professionals who understand the true damage that a home suffers and also understand just how much it will cost to fix it.

On the other hand, an insurance adjuster from an insurance company is unlikely to have much hands-on experience with the nuts and bolts of home repair. Though they are undoubtedly knowledgeable, their claims regarding the repair of your home are unlikely to be as accurate as those compiled by our adjusters. This will ensure you get the money you deserve to get your life back to normal and the money you need to make it happen.

In everything we do at Action 1 Construction, we believe in operating with integrity first. That’s why each of our public adjusters will be completely upfront with you to explain the claims process and ensure you understand what’s happening along the way. If this sounds like the best approach for your insurance claim, then give Action 1 Construction a call today.

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