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There are few things that can help freshen the appearance of a room or an entire building like a new coat of paint. While the idea of painting a room is nice, the act of painting one is another story entirely. If the thought of mixing paint, taping off baseboards, edging, putting on multiple coats of paint, and cleaning up isn’t your idea of fun, then we at Action 1 Construction have some great news for you. At our company, we offer both residential and commercial painting, both interior and exterior. Rather than slave away at a paint job that may result in a lackluster finished product, just give us a call and let us do the hard work.

Residential Painting

In-depth home renovations can be quite expensive. New floors, countertops, windows, and other major changes can break the bank and cause significant inconvenience for you and your family. If those elements are all in good shape, though, and you simply want to change the look of your room, then investing in a new coat of paint is a great option.

At Action 1 Construction, we take seriously the responsibility that comes with painting in your home. That’s why we take extra care to ensure no paint ever ends up where it’s not supposed to. All of our painters wear shoe coverings to ensure not even a drop of paint is tracked through your home. We carefully move all your furniture and cover it with drop cloths to prevent any paint from causing damage.

We also understand that the inconvenience of having your home painted, though limited compared to other home renovations, is very real. That’s why we use only the most skilled painters to ensure we can complete the work quickly, in a way that provides the best results. This allows us to get out of your hair so you can begin enjoying your beautiful new space.

Commercial Painting


Your company’s facilities are a crucial factor in determining customer satisfaction and employee retention. If those who enter your building see the building as outdated, then that’s the reputation they’ll assign to your company, even if this is untrue. If you want to project a fresh and relevant reputation, it’s crucial that your building match this aim. That’s where a new coat of paint comes in.

Think of it this way. You want to ensure that any renovations you make will have the best return on your investment. As with home renovations, there are nearly limitless options when it comes to refreshing your space. However, the single project that will make the biggest impact for the lowest cost is, without a doubt, a new paint job.

If it’s time for a rebrand, a new coat of paint can help project your new brand image to both customers and employees. Think of how invigorating and transformative it would be if you could launch a new brand image on the same day you launch a new look at your physical location. This would create serious excitement that you could use to build momentum behind your exciting changes.

Interior Painting


Whether you’re trusting Action 1 Construction to paint your home or your business, the last thing you want is for the room or building that has been painted to smell like a paint shop. Especially if you’re at home; you don’t want to try to sleep with paint fumes bombarding you all through the night.

That’s why we at Action 1 Construction take great care to vent the paint fumes out of your home or business while we paint. In addition, we use paints rated for their low volatile organic compound output, and we work fast to ensure the paint can begin drying as quickly as possible, shortening the amount of time you have to live with the smell.

If you can’t afford interruptions to your daily routine, we can work to make accommodations to ensure we don’t get in the way. Whether it’s carefully sealing off certain areas of a building, or working only during certain hours of the day, we want you to know that you are our top priority when we’re painting your building’s interior.

Exterior Painting

The prep work for exterior painting is just as crucial as interior painting. After all, while there are no hardwood floors or coffee tables to ruin when you’re painting outside, there are still plenty of expensive landscape elements that could be ruined if proper care is not taken. That’s why we still use drop cloths, even when we’re painting outside. Additionally, we know that you depend on the exterior of your home or business to provide that crucial first impression to all those who pass by. That’s why, at Action 1 Construction, we’re concerned with the small details. We take extra time to paint around shutters, edge around adjoining materials, as well as edge around windows and doors.

Most of all, we understand that exterior painting requires the right technique to ensure the paint doesn’t begin peeling a few days after the job is finished. That’s why we remove the old paint from the surface before we begin applying the new paint. Additionally, we use only the highest quality exterior paints that are formulated to resist fading, cracking, peeling, and bubbling. We also apply those paints using the right techniques to ensure it goes on evenly, without the old paint job showing through.

At Action 1 Construction, we can handle pretty much any painting job. The best news is that we are affordable painters who you can trust to get the job done right the first time. In addition to painting, we can also take care of small repairs that need to be addressed prior to beginning painting. These include drywall repair, stucco repair, and other light repair work that will ensure your new paint job is second to none. Plus, if you have a specific color you are looking for, we have an exclusive color-matching process that will amaze you with its ability to get the exact color you’ve envisioned. If you’re ready for a new look in your home or business, give Action 1 Construction a call today.

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