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Carpet makes a great choice for flooring because it offers a cushioned surface for walking, warmer temperatures for bare feet, and plenty of softness for wrestling with your kids. The problem with carpet, though, is that it can be quite difficult to clean. Each individual fiber serves as a dirt magnet that absorbs more and more filth over time until the color of the carpet is totally different than what it used to be. Fortunately, there’s a way to get rid of all this filth and restore the original beauty of your home’s carpet, and that’s with carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, cleaning your carpets can be a complicated endeavor, which is why you should consider enlisting the help of specialists, such as those at Action 1 Construction.

Why Choose Action 1 Construction?

You may be wondering why you would choose a professional carpet cleaning company when you can rent a carpet cleaner and do the job yourself. The answer comes down to equipment and experience. When it comes to equipment, Action 1 Construction has all the latest equipment to clean the toughest stains. Consumer-grade equipment can’t match the power of professional-grade machines, especially when it comes to hot-water extraction. These more powerful machines get water to the deepest parts of your carpet to ensure there’s no lingering dirt or odor-causing bacteria. As far as experience, the trusted staff of Action 1 Construction have years of experience bringing dirty carpet back to life. This means they can determine the best methods for cleaning your carpet to remove all the dirt while protecting the carpet itself. Plus, you can be sure that they’ll be able to take care of your furniture when they move it around to get to those hard-to-reach places. If you find yourself with dirty socks when you walk on your carpet, give the expert carpet cleaners at Action 1 Construction a call today.


Once your carpet is clean, it’s important to protect your carpet to help maintain its beauty and cleanliness. At Action 1 Construction, we take extra care to ensure your carpet is protected for the long haul. We do this by treating your carpet with what is essentially a non-stick spray. This chemical, formulated specifically for carpets, helps to keep dirt and liquids from sticking to the carpet fibers. This makes spills much easier to clean and ensures that most dirt will remain loose enough to be removed by vacuuming instead of becoming attached to the fibers and negatively affecting the appearance of your carpet.


Carpet Cleaning


Cleaning your carpets involves physically removing dirt from the individual fibers. Given that some of this dirt has likely been attached to the fibers for a long time, there are special methods that must be used. At Action 1 Construction, we use two main methods to clean your carpet. The first is steam cleaning, also known as hot-water extraction. This method is essentially pressure washing for your carpet. During hot water extraction, hot water is blasted into the carpet fibers using high pressure. This water contains various detergents that are formulated to remove stains from the surface and interior of the fibers. Once the water and cleaner have had a chance to penetrate the fibers, the excess water is removed using suction. Carpet shampooing, on the other hand, uses agitation instead of pressure to help remove stains. In this method, water and detergents are still used to help lift stains from the carpet fibers. Rather than injecting these substances into your carpet using high pressure, though, the water and soap are agitated into the carpet using multiple small brushes. These brushes spin or rotate to ensure the soap and water cover every fiber. Once a certain area has been shampooed, then an extraction machine can work to remove the excess liquid and soap. Depending on the type of carpet you have and the types of dirt and stains that are on your carpet, one or both of these cleaning methods may be used by Action 1 Construction. Each method is preceded by thorough vacuuming of the carpet to ensure that no dirt is injected more deeply into the carpet and pad.



Even if your carpets don’t appear to be dirty, they may have foul odors that linger throughout your home. Odors from pets, dirty shoes, mildew, smoke, and just about any other household odor can easily become trapped in the soft and porous carpet fibers. Therefore, we at Action 1 Construction believe that an important part of any quality carpet cleaning project is deodorizing the carpet.A large part of removing odors is simply removing the dirt in your carpets. You’d be surprised at just how smelly that trapped dirt can become. Beyond thorough cleaning, though, we take extra steps to leave your carpet smelling fresh. One important thing we do is ensure your carpet dries quickly. By removing excess moisture, we can help to prevent mildew growth, which helps leave the air in your home fresh and healthy. Additionally, we can apply an anti-microbial chemical that will help to kill mold and mildew and prevent them from re-growing. Together, this ensures odor-free carpet that you will appreciate every day.

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