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I used Action 1 Construction, Inc. to remodel my kitchen and the results are great!

Lus Marin
Weston, FL


As the economy slowly starts to recover from recession, remodeling projects are making a huge comeback! With the lucrative deals being offered by contractors and retailers, Floridians are waking up to the great idea. Stuck in a home you’ve been living in for years but can’t afford to sell it? Why not make it one you want in this day and age? Even if your looking to refresh your home to put it up for sale, remodeling can help your property worth more.  Home remodeling can be one of two things: a dream come true, or a nightmare. Without the proper planning and contractors, remodeling your home can be very costly and time consuming. At Action 1 Construction, we believe it is our job to make your home the one of your dreams, at a price you can afford as well as in a timely manner. Prior to any contract agreement, we deliver to you a detailed project schedule, copies of our State General Contractor License and Insurance, and a payment schedule.  It’s our duty to pull and close all permits that are required for your project, leaving the remodeling process a stress-free experience for our clients. We do the job you asked us to do, period!
 From commercial buildings to private residences, there is no job too large or too small for us. We have the experience with the extensive renovation of exteriors, as well as interior finishes based on whatever you can imagine. Remodeling projects may involve new construction, replacing floors, roofing, or might be as simple as changing fixtures and repainting, whichever it might be, the job is ours to complete. Working with us will help bring it all together and ensure the best results within your budget. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or living room; with our help you can completely change the look of your house as our services are endless!

Click Here to view a clip on a project that we have completed at the Grandview Place, North Bay Village.


Click Here to view a clip on a project that we have completed at 655 S Shore Dr. Miami Beach, FL 33141